Settling in.

We were weary but hungry when we reached Victoria but we knew we had to try to stay up as close to our usual bedtime as possible, so we headed out to have a meal and ended up in the Irish Times pub where we ate our last meal on our previous trip.

Mum and I both had pizzas with a very thin crust and they were so delicious. A singer was setting up right next to us, Jeremy, and he sat and chatted to us after he warmed up. We enjoyed his first 2 songs but then had to leave before we fell asleep, no offence. A luxury that we are here for 2 weeks so could pop in again next Monday! Oh, Alan enjoyed the waitresses in their tiny red kilts, ahem .

Our rooms are comfortable and we all had a good sleep though I woke at 4, very annoying. Had breakfast at a nearby hotel and nosed round a supermarket. Even day to day items are interesting in a foreign shop!

Then we mooched around the harbour starting to relax and watching the float planes and ferries. Flags on the Empress hotel, Parliament buildings and on a few yachts were at half mast and we realised this was for the funeral for the three policemen in New Brunswick.


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2 thoughts on “Settling in.

  1. Sally Garrod

    Lovely to read this blog and see the wonderful pictures. Hope you’re all getting over the jet lag.

  2. Think it’s getting better! Just awoke and making coffee, at 6 am. That’s how I am on holiday though, waking early. Does mean I can pack more in.

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