Time with family.

We are just back from spending the weekend with family just outside Duncan. Analese’s great grandad and my grandad were brothers who emigrated to Toronto. My grandad returned after 11 years, bringing my Mum aged 2, and my grandma of course.

Analese’s grandad stayed and established his Canadian branch of the family. Mum has always kept in touch with her cousin Joyce, and I got to know her daughter Nancy on our first Canadian trip. We last visited Nancy’s daughter Analese 7 years ago and much has changed since then, including the birth of her 2 delightful children.

We had a lift up to Duncan from Jason, getting to know more about what had been happening in their lives on the way up.

Duncan farmers’ market was our first trip out, listening to the orchestra Analese plays cello in on the way round. We had delicious filled bagels for lunch then stopped at Blue Grouse winery for a tasting and wine purchase. And a stroke of the resident cat.

Analese and Jason have a berry farm, and we learnt much about looking after our blueberry plants on a tour of the farm. Their self built house is truly a thing of beauty and a credit to their hard working and art loving lifestyle.

The children are 2 and 4 and we loved getting to know them. Sunday was showery but we visited Cowichan Bay for a tasty meal out and much bird spotting. Also a visit to a beautiful little playground.

Having returned to Victoria by Greyhound bus, we had a small meal of bread and Camembert followed by orange and cinnamon muffins made this morning by Analese and the children.

So glad we were able to visit them.


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One thought on “Time with family.

  1. Sally Garrod

    Wonderful blog. So glad you had a good time. The photo of Analese’s daughter on Fb reminded me of Niamh.

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