Sutton Hoo

Today we visited Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, Suffolk, not far from Aldeburgh where we are staying.
In the 1930s an amazing Anglo Saxon burial ground was discovered . The most significant discovery was a body discovered in an entire ship, together with jewellery and artifacts that tell us so much about that culture.
Alan and I saw the treasure and the famous helmet when we visited the British Museum 2 years ago.
This, along with Barbara Erskine’s novel River of Destiny inspired me to visit Sutton Hoo itself.
The exhibition there is very well done, accessible to adults and children, and it is clear that we can make suppositions from the findings, and not assumptions of fact.

You can visit the burial field, full of recreated mounds. The heathland around it is full of wild flowers, butterflies and grasshoppers. The shepherd’s hut that the archaeologist Basil Brown used is there to see.
Tranmer House, where Edith Pretty, who instituted the diggings lived, has been turned into a museum of the 1930’s. The ground floor is accessible and comfortable. You can take your time and sit to soak up the atmosphere. Friendly guides are in each room to give additional information.
I was touched that Edith’s husband Frank returned from World War 2 with the horse that had served with him throughout.

So as well as the story of the Anglo Saxon treasure trove there was the story of the people who instigated the find. Worth a visit. The cafe and shop are good too!

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