It’s been a while since I blogged.

As regards my number project, 61 and 62 are proving elusive. I’ve found 2 61s but am not happy withe either so won’t use them.

I have a screenshot of the home page from the travel site, The Man in Seat Sixty One but am not happy about including a screenshot rather than a photograph . As I am now 61, my age appears at the top of my prescriptions but this would make for a boring photo and give away too much information! So the search goes on; bear with me.

I’ve had a week away in Cornwall, in Fowey, a place I and my family, and several friends have grown to love since a work colleague moved there.

DSC00817 FullSizeRender

We had a restful break. We walked for miles and ate far too much but very well. The town was quiet as we were visiting just out of season. A few restaurants were closed,but we were able to get a table very easily at Sams, where you usually have to join the queue for a table. There were roadworks going on,closing part of the road we were staying on, and several buildings were surrounded by scaffolding, including the Bodinnick pub, where we rested after the 4 mile,undulating Hall walk.

We hope to return before too long!

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One thought on “Hiatus

  1. I have a “lucky shilling” dated 1961 which I’m keeping, should I ever get that far in my own photo project… perhaps you might also have some old coins somewhere?

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