Nearly there.

Well, I’ve been posting photographs for my number project for a couple of years now and looking for numbers in everyday life has become second nature.

86 is coming next once I’ve spotted it ; I have some numbers already ‘in the can’ but have 7 yet to find. So the end is sort-of in sight but I’ve no idea how long it will take me to finish.

In the meantime, in my life, we have a major project in hand. We moved into this house in April 1979 and we put a new kitchen in straight away. It’s served us well. It’s witnessed meĀ mopping up the floor after a washing machine leak with the help of my two small daughters, all those Christmas lunches – one made by Erin when I was upstairs with flu , and dancing the tango across the floor with a giggling baby as a partner, the latest being my grandson Jos.



Since we saw almost our exact kitchen in York Castle Museum we knew its days were numbered. At the end of this month our new one should be installed. Very exciting but scary at the same time.

Yesterday I started stripping the paper off the walls and I’ll keep you posted as to the progress.


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One thought on “Nearly there.

  1. Love the lolcat! Good luck with the progress.

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