Kitchen almost done.

Last week we had a functional kitchen at last and we had a few builder-free days.

I started to work out where to put things and very gradually filled up cupboards and drawers.

On Thursday the floorers returned and put floor bars at the doorways.

On Friday Damien and Jamie returned to finish the electrics, add the baseboards, skirting boards and add in a windowsill.

Alan and I shopped in Homebase and IKEA for storage baskets, a rug and a few little treats.

The dishwasher display is projected onto the floor! Now I’m trying to make up my mind about the decoration. Most walls will be painted peach for warmth, but one small wall I plan to have papered. This is for interest and colour, and the fact that we have  pipes boxed in with removable boards just here which have to be papered.

I had imagined a retro geometric paper but Alan hated all those I chose so we are looking for a nature based design. Decision yet to be made!

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen almost done.

  1. The kitchen is looking good! I quite like the paper with postcards/drawings etc on it. Which one did you finally choose?

  2. I chose the one above the one you like, nature notes with blue and green on it. It was a close run thing!

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