Number project.

Well, mission accomplished!
When I started this number project over two years ago I had no idea how long it would take me to find numbers from 1 to 100. I suspected I might never finish it!
To start with I wanted to photograph the numbers exactly in order and if I’d continued that way I dread to think how long it would have taken.
I began to see ‘juicy’ numbers that I hadn’t yet reached and so bent my rules a bit so I could grab any within the next group of ten.
This was soon abandoned and I begun to collect any good photos and kept them by.
The prize for the most frustrating number goes to 61. As I related,  here , I  caught a 61 bus in Birmingham which crawled through the twilight and the traffic so it was dark and I was late when I alighted. So I missed my opportunity!
I have been overly excited to spot a number that I’ve been searching for, and at times it was hard to explain to the friends I was with exactly why! It has been frustrating too, when that longed for number just didn’t appear. I’ve also missed a number or two due to embarrassment , such as the clutch of table numbers behind the counter of the Waitrose café. Didn’t have the nerve to get my camera out!
It’s been an interesting project though and I know I’m going to continue to spot numbers; I just won’t photograph them!

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4 thoughts on “Number project.

  1. Ooh, I kind of want to do this now.

  2. It’s a fun project to do, though it can take a chunk of your life over if you’re not careful! I got to the 20s before petering out; hope to resume one of these days. Congratulations on completing the century!

  3. Thank you! I tried not to stress about it when a number didn’t appear.

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