Before and after.

This will be my last blog on the subject of my kitchen transformation as it’s now all done.

The last item to be installed was the roman blind in the dining section of the room. We chose a soft green fabric and it looks really good. Now the evenings are dark it makes the room cosy.

So there we are, including a couple of random lolcats.

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Yes, the kitchen is now decorated! For the first time I ‘got a man in’ , actually 2 men, Steph and his son Alfie.

They did a great job too; I couldn’t have tackled it.

The walls are in Dulux soft peach and I’m delighted with the warm, subtle colour. The wallpaper does what I wanted it to do, that is, provide some colour and interest, though I’d got so used to plain walls that it took a while to get used to it.

Looking good!

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Fixing a hole.

Well, fixing a bulge by digging a hole.
The floorers returned and having lifted the bulging Palio Clic, removed both the screeding underneath and the parquet in the offending section. The thinking was that the parquet had shifted causing the screeding to fragment and create the bulge.

Then the hole was filled with more screed.When this was dry the underlay was put on top. There was a delay for a day or two due to the bank holiday and the fact that more Palio Clic had to be ordered.

So now the floor is done and we just have to hope that no more bulges develop. If they do all the parquet will have to come up.

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All white now

Baby, it’s all white now.


In other words, the decorator, Alfie, has spent all day undercoating the kitchen, so now it’s quite dazzling. What a difference it makes. Can’t wait for the top coat to go on.


P.S. The pie isn’t mine.

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I has a bulge.



imageA week or so after the floor had been installed we noticed a bulge had developed . The weather at the time was very warm and we wondered if this was a factor.

Anyway, it’s still there and the flooring guys have been contacted. I hope it can be sorted because I love my Karndean!



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On Monday Dan and David from Kitchensmart installed our green splashback. It had been made to fit after the units were installed, and the back had been painted green to coordinate with the drawer fronts on the unit at the other end of the room.

As it’s reflective it’s tricky to photograph well, but I think this evening shot works.

Though it had taken a while to arrive it hadn’t been a problem. Alan has been restrained and hasn’t done any greasy fry ups!

The splashback looks so right, as if it was meant to be there, so I’m happy!


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Kitchen almost done.

Last week we had a functional kitchen at last and we had a few builder-free days.

I started to work out where to put things and very gradually filled up cupboards and drawers.

On Thursday the floorers returned and put floor bars at the doorways.

On Friday Damien and Jamie returned to finish the electrics, add the baseboards, skirting boards and add in a windowsill.

Alan and I shopped in Homebase and IKEA for storage baskets, a rug and a few little treats.

The dishwasher display is projected onto the floor! Now I’m trying to make up my mind about the decoration. Most walls will be painted peach for warmth, but one small wall I plan to have papered. This is for interest and colour, and the fact that we have  pipes boxed in with removable boards just here which have to be papered.

I had imagined a retro geometric paper but Alan hated all those I chose so we are looking for a nature based design. Decision yet to be made!

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The floor goes down.


When it came to choosing the flooring for my kitchen I knew that I wanted Karndean
I already have Karndean tiles in my bathroom and loo and find it hard wearing, warm and attractive.
The kitchen had Cushionflor and the dining room was parquet covered by carpet.
When the Cushionflor was laid in 1979 I recall the floorer saying it would be impossible to get up in future as it was stuck down so well and I took him at his word.
I know that Karndean has to be laid on a clean fresh floor so this was a concern. Also I love parquet even though we had always carpeted over it in the dining room, so I wanted to preserve it for any future owners of our house.
So I was pleased to find that Karndean now have a range called Palio Clic that can be put over existing flooring without adhesive.
I sent off for samples and chose a warm wood, Crespina.
Dan at Kitchensmart was happy with the choice and put the order through having costed it for us.
Jamie the senior builder was concerned about the unevenness of the floor as after the wall came down there was quite a dip and there were undulations elsewhere, so he called in the floorer last week to examine it.
His verdict was that the floor had to be perfectly smooth to take the Palio Clic as any dips would compromise the flooring.
So it would have to be flooded (!) with latex to smooth it out. Therefore the parquet couldn’t be saved. I was sad but accepted it; this flooring was what I wanted.
They came late on Thursday evening and flooded the floor. It looked smooth, and smelt quite a bit. They came back on Friday and put more on the dining room side.
Saturday morning at 7 more floorers arrived to examine the floor, ready to lay the Palio Clic.
He squatted down, looked at it and said it couldn’t be done. The area where the wall was still wasn’t level enough.
Oh no, what to do now?
Having thought he then said he had enough screed to smooth the floor again which he proceeded to do.
He offloaded all the flooring, went on to another job and returned about 11 and proceeded to lay the floor. A shiny underlay went on first, then the Palio Clic.
As he layed it he commented that he often lays floors for show homes so is experienced with this product and he complimented me on the colour chosen. I didn’t want to look at it till it was fully down, rather like waiting for Christmas presents.
And it does look amazing. It feels good too. The floorer does need to return as he didn’t have the bars that connect into the hall and living room, but I’m very satisfied.










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New kitchen taking shape.


Getting exciting now!

The sink is in place though not functional and the appliances are in too. There’s lots of dust in the front garden as countertops are being formed.

The ‘office’ area in the old dining room is looking great too, just how I imagined it.

Look at the wine rack! I feel a trip to Majestic Wines coming on!

We are managing well using the utility room as a kitchen, though we have to dodge various obstacles getting to it via the front door and the garage.


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The first cabinets go in.

The kitchen is starting to look more kitcheny now that the units have started to be installed.

I’m delighted with the colour and appearance of the units. We’ve ordered handles that  are easily grabbable and so they come out a long way and I’m now concerned that they’ll be in our way as we stand at the counters and sink. We will only know by living with them and see how we go.

We had a pub lunch out at lunch time; we had a good excuse.


Very cute lolcat. Hope you like these as much as I do!

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