96 tears.

It’s taken me a little while to find my 96, but at last I’ve found it.

Last weekend we visited the V&A museum to see the

You Say You Want a Revolution  Records and Rebels 1966 – 1970 exhibition.

Headphones don’t guide you through verbally, but play relevant music for the section you are in. I was delighted to see a young boy really grooving to the Beatles’ track Revolution while immersed in the display. There were handwritten Beatles lyrics, stage costumes worn by Sandie Shaw, Mick Jagger, several of Mitch Mitchell’s costumes and many more. The brocade jacket worn by John Lennon while recording the All You Need is Love telecast is remarkably beautiful.

There were sections on politics, space travel, mind expanding drugs, literature and space travel including a piece of moon rock. Also a section on the Whole Earth catalogue , which Alan tells me he once owned a copy of.

The Woodstock festival room was a highlight, interrupted during our visit for the two minute silence of remembrance. Poignant.

We exited to the inevitable shop where we bought the book of the exhibition and a CD set called Records and Rebels which includes the track 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians, a noodly repetitive track that I love.

96 Tears

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64; Beatles stamp

imageVisiting The Beatles Story in Liverpool this year I had hoped to spot something connected to the song ‘When I’m 64’.

Well, I didn’t, but instead I did see this display of Beatles stamps with the 64p rated one on top. Representing their album covers, this is the Help album artwork using an image from the film of the same name. Apparently the semaphore doesn’t actually spell out the word ‘help’ at all, but the Beatles are just making artful shapes. A shame if this is true.

Anyway, great album, entertaining film, and a fab set of stamps!

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