82; Quaker library book


I’m on the library committee for my local Quaker Meeting and we are putting our book stock onto an online catalogue site called Librarything.

Its quite a long job as we have around 900 books but we’ve nearly finished.

A previous cataloging system had numbered each book at the top right of each front page and I managed to spot number 82. The red spot indicates the book’s been added to Librarything.



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67: A quote and a tree


A couple of great 67’s here; I couldn’t choose which to leave out so here they both are.

My first is to be found etched onto the window of the garden lounge at Woodbrooke. A quote from Isaac Penington is inscribed on the windows that surround the room, followed by his name and dates. The full quote is, “Our life is love and peace and tenderness; and bearing with one another, and forgiving one another and not laying accusations oneĀ against the other, but praying for another and helping one another up with a tender hand”.


And I spotted this tree in a sheltered doorway on the Esplanade in Fowey. A very attractive way to display a house number.


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65; Woodbrooke plan


My 65 is to be found on this plan of Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, which I was given when I signed in for my course back in October.

As you can see the original house has been extended and there are walkways between the buildings so a plan showing how to get around and then find your way back to your room is rather helpful!

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61: The photo that never was.

As you will know from my last blog entry, I have been struggling to find a number 61 for my photography project. So I was pleased to find in the travel instructions for a course at Woodbrooke Quaker Study centre in Birmingham that I would need either a 61 or 63 bus to get there from New Street train station.

DSC00827Talking of which, New Street is now brand spanking new. Now incorporated into the Bullring, it’s a destination in itself.

Leaving the station I found the bus stop I needed easily. There was a ‘Not in Service’ bus parked there and 4 bus employees in the bus stop.I asked if I was in the right place and one said, “Oh, I wouldn’t bother if I were you, we hardly have any drivers, they’re off, I think it’s Eid”. ‘Well,” I said, ” I have to get somewhere”. So I waited. Then a driver got in the seat. “Do you know yet what number this bus is?” I asked. “Number 61” was the reply. So I got on, thinking I could get a photo as I got off.

I expected a 30 minute journey at the outside, but there had been an accident on an adjacent road. 4 blue light flashing ambulances passed going the other way. So the road we were travelling on was jammed. The bus was crowded too as few buses were running; at least I had a seat. But then it got dark and I had no idea where I was. Though the instructions given me were good, I couldn’t see the landmarks. And I was late. It took an hour and a half to reach my stop, as long as it had taken me to travel from Milton Keynes to Birmingham. Thankfully I was helped by 2 ladies I was sitting near and they told me when my stop was reached.

I struggled to get off the bus with my case past those standing in the aisle. As I stood in the dark orientating myself I thought to take a photo but wasn’t quick enough. I took a mental photo of the back of the bus displaying the number 61, but until Apple can retrieve memories pensieve-like, that’s how it will stay.

So this is my alternative 61 photograph, the instructions I was given. and a picture of the beautiful gardens at Woodbrooke. The course was a good one, and I caught a taxi back to the station!


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Woburn Sands Friends Meeting House.

I am an attender at Milton Keynes Quaker Meeting, and we arrange a picnic outing once a year or so.
This year we visited the Woburn Sands meeting house which I know better as the former Woburn Sands library.
A couple of years ago the library relocated to the high street and since then the building has been vacant. As it is still owned by local Friends we have access to it.
We had hoped to picnic in the grassy graveyard behind the building but as the day turned out to be a wet one we stayed inside.
We ate our picnic (though my egg sandwich sadly lingered in my fridge at home) then had a talk from local historian Paul Cox.
Hereis a link to his website.




The building looks strange denuded of bookshelves but we did find a note in a cupboard to call a customer. I wonder if that call was made.
There was what seemed to be a laundry behind a door that was locked during the library’s time, picture above.
It was a good walk down memory lane.
As we left Woburn Sands Silver Band were playing popular classics on the green opposite; added to the atmosphere!

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